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The most popular fantasy sports online revealed

The most popular fantasy sports online revealed

The World of Fantasy Sports Online

Fantasy sports are a type of online game wherein participants are tasked with assembling virtual teams of real players of professional sports games.

These teams then compete based on the manner in which the real players’ statistical performances reveal they would in actual, real-world, games. This performance will then be converted into points, which are compiled and totalled according to a roster chosen by each of the fantasy teams’ managers.

The Top 5 Most Enjoyed Fantasy Sports

The top 5 most enjoyed fantasy sports games, in no particular order, are:

  1. Fantasy cricket

Fantasy cricket is an online game wherein you are asked to create a virtual team of real players. You will then score points in relation to how the players you have chosen perform in matches which take place in real life.

In order to win a fantasy cricket tournament, you will be working towards getting the most points and the number 1 rank on the leaderboard for ICC Fantasy League and IPL Fantasy League, to name just 2.

  1. Fantasy football (American)

Fantasy football is a game of skill in which you will be serving as the general manager of a virtual pro gridiron football team.

Competitors select their team rosters by taking part in a draft in which all of the players of a real football league are available: points are then based on the actual performances of these in real world competitions like the National Football League, or NFL; the Canadian Football League or college football games.

Online sports betting is an incredibly popular activity for both fantasy football players and those who do not partake of this virtual pastime too, and there are numerous leagues that cater to bettors and fans.

  1. Fantasy football (Australian rules football)

This is a fantasy sport in which competitors are able to score points based on how players in the Australian Football League perform. The 2 biggest contests for this game are the Supercoach Competition run by the Herald Sun, and the Dream Team Competition organised by the AFL.

  1. Fantasy golf

Fantasy golf will have assembling a team of real-life payers and then scoring points based on how these players do in real-world tournaments. These games typically follow the European Tour and US PGA. A good variety of formats are in place for players’ selection for both golfers and the scoring of points.

  1. Fantasy hockey

Players build a team that competes with other players who have done the same, and these games are based on the stats generated by pro hockey players and teams in the real world. Most fantasy hockey pools have for their basis teams and players from the National Hockey League, or NHL.

Growing Popularity of Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports are not just popular with players: they are also an ideal demographic for advertisers, and, by extension, the sports leagues themselves.

The players of these games are generally younger and more well-off than non-participants, and will also view a game even after it has stopped being competitive, as long as a player that forms a part of their virtual team is able to still score them points.

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