Game of Throws: NFL’s HBO Familiars

Game of Throws: NFL’s HBO Familiars

Although the end of Game of Thrones left us with nothing to do over the summer, the NFL has returned! Hopefully it will be able to fill the void left by the epic HBO show. But if you cannot stand the lack of GOT in your life then maybe we can help. We look at a host of NFL’s current and former stars and match them up to their Game of Thrones counter point.

Eli Manning – Tyrion Lannister

Obviously there is basically no physical resemblance here. It is their personalities and skills which make this such an obvious pairing. Both have come up trumps when it truly matters delivering the goods under immense pressure. For Eli, it has to be the two Super Bowls, leading from the front. He lit up the sports world and fans and betting tipsters liked him in equal measures. In a similar manner Tyrion was at the forefront of action whilst being the kings hand. He was essential during the battle of Blackwater. Both certainly have more brains than brawn. They’re the big hitters, organising everything, yet in a cool snazzy manner.

Ozzie Newsome – Littlefinger

Possibly not the most obvious of connections added to Newsome retiring. But during his time as manager of the Baltimore Ravens, he was as smart as the Westeros master of coin. Like Littlefinger, Newsome was able to take a backseat and simply orchestrate things from a far. Witty, charismatic and smart. These two never seem to feel pressure, panic wouldn’t bother either of them, how many times did Newsome laugh off complaints about the Ravens losing their players, then watching as they made the Super Bowl. Much like Littlefinger who is quickly able to talk or negotiate his way out of any seemingly difficult situations.

Aaron Rodgers – Jon Snow

Again perhaps not a comparison many people would make. Funnily enough they do actually look rather similar. But fear not, this isn’t their only connection. Like Snow, Rodgers didn’t have a great start, after a draft-day slide and three years spent on the bench, he has finally settled with the packers at QB. Snow also had a difficult start, not managing to become a knight’s watchman until he showed his devotion to the wall. Now both are leaders in their field and captains.

Odell Beckham Jr. – Jamie Lannister

One of the easier picks to make. Both are show ponies who love flaunting their ability, they know just how good they are. The pair are at the top of their prospective fields, with both having a great pair of hands. For fans alike, we both love and hate them, equally frustrating, but still so lovable.

Joey Bosa – The Mountain

Looks wise, both are hugely physically imposing. Quite literally both are ‘mountains.’ Neither have much vocabulary, with very few words spoken between the pair. The two strike fear into their opponent’s, bar one. Both have brothers who are equally as big, and are about the only people who can take them down! Hopefully this might just nullify the loss of the fantastic GOT. We have finally reached NFL party time, so there will be lots to fill the void. There are a fair few who have been missed off the list. But I could be going on forever! Based on personality traits, stature and occasionally physical appearance, you would have to say these pairs match.

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