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2015 GarberSports Female Athlete Of The Year Awards

Serena was a woman on a mission to win titles in 2015
2015 GarberSports Female Athlete Of The Year Awards

With the 2015 year now in the history books, we are thrilled to present the 2015 GarberSports Female Athlete of the Year Awards, recognizing the best performers over the past 12 months.
2015 saw many teams, players, and coaches give outstanding performances in their various sports across the world, and we at GarberSports took it upon ourselves to pick out the top performer. With the help of you, the fans and voters, the Garbersports  team without further ado name the  winner as Serena Williams.

Williams, 34, won the opening three Grand Slams of the 2015 tennis season,before she eventually lost at the U.S. Open semifinals to Roberta Vinci. She finished the year with a 53-3 match record, notching five singles titles and earning $10,582,642 in prize money.

UFC fighters Ronda Rousey put up a close fight according to our polls, but it is undeniable the eventual winner was well deserved.


Even for that little girl from Saginaw, Michigan some things can still be surprising when you look at how illustrious the career of Serena has been.





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