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3 Best Football Matches of all Time

3 Best Football Matches of all Time

No sport is as exciting as football which is hugely popular in almost all parts of the world. People can always spice up their sporting experience by availing Daytona 500 and betting on many outcomes of the game.

1- Italy 4 West Germany 3 (1970)

This match had everything to deserve the name “The Game of the Century”- two football powerhouses, goals galore and the biggest footballing stage. In the scorching heat of Mexico, both teams battled it out to the last ounce of their strength and energy to provide a sporting spectacle that would live in the minds of spectators for decades. For producing such a sensational, thrilling and inspiring performance, both were worthy winners of this contest.

Boninsegna struck the first blow for the Italians by snapping the ball home from the edge of the penalty arc in the eighth minute of the game. Falling behind so early sparked West Germany to launch incessant attacks on the Italian defense, with Franz Beckenbauer and Gerd Muller looking especially dangerous, but the Azzurri’s rearguard held firm and neutralized their opponent’s attacking brilliance. With time running out and no breakthrough in sight, the game looked to be panning out of the German’s hands until Karl Schnellinger, a full-back, produced a dramatic equalizer in injury time.

Franz Beckenbauer, whose shoulder was severely injured, refused to sit out the extra time with his side out of substitutions. The manner of their comeback plus Gerd Muller’s 94th-minute lead meant the scales were tipped in the German’s favor now. But their edge didn’t last long as Burgnich leveled scores from a free-kick, and then Luigi Riva struck superbly to take back the reins of the game.

To the agony of Italian fans, Germany would restore parity once more through Muller’s second goal, but Rivera this time quickly responded and clinched victory for his side. Though Italy got sorely beaten by Brazil in the final, they could head home with this triumph as a souvenir.

2- Manchester United 2 Bayern Munich 1 (1999)

“Football, bloody hell!” is probably the only way to describe one’s powerful emotions when Manchester United achieved a historic feat most spectacularly at Camp Nou. With defeat staring straight in their face, United unleashed all their storm and fury in injury time to brusquely wrench the European Cup from Bayern’s grasp.  

Bar the three minutes of stoppage time, the German outfit was deserved winners of the match, for they took an early lead and dominated proceedings during the regulation time. Only they couldn’t steer the ship ashore and collapsed just when the land appeared within their sight.

Sir Alex Ferguson pulled two tricks up his sleeves and both proved decisive. First, Teddy Sheringham popped up an unlikely equalizer out of a David Beckham corner with help from Ryan Giggs, then Ole Gunnar Solskjaer shot out a foot to steer Sheringham’s header into the nets. Within two minutes, Bayern’s edifice of strength and composure crumbled to pieces and they were left stunned at such an unlikely turn of events.

3- Liverpool 3 AC Milan 3 (2005)

This is arguably the greatest Champions League final ever. “The Miracle of Istanbul” saw the most dramatic, most improbable and most unfathomable turnaround in the history of the competition. Liverpool, dead and buried at half-time, played their best 15-minutes of attacking football and shattered Milan’s almighty lead in the most ruthless fashion.

Milan took the initiative and firmly grasped the game by its neck, with Maldini opening their account and Crespo converting it into an unassailable lead, all within the first half. When the teams came out after the interval, the match looked done and dusted, but the Reds had no intention to go out meekly. Steven Gerrard started the fightback by striking a superb header, then Smicer exploited Dida’s frazzled nerves to add a second. By the hour mark, Liverpool’s recovery was complete as Alonso provided the equalizer. Such a glorious comeback could have only one result and Liverpool prevailed at the shootouts to clinch a marvelous victory.  

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