Premier League 2019’s Favorite Title: Liverpool VS Manchester City

Premier League 2019’s Favorite Title: Liverpool VS Manchester City
Sean Taylor

The 2019–20 Premier League is 28th season of premier league and it is known as biggest English Football league all over the world.

2019–20 Premier League is making a new history. It would be wise to Bet on Soccer and this piece of writing tried to give a big picture of upcoming Liverpool match’s performance.  

 Liverpool is playing magnificently and massively and has really good grip on top position with a full 24 points in the English Premier League, from eight matches. Leicester City has slowed down the Liverpool over the weekend BUT it is impossible to stop Liverpool this time. Manchester City was favorite from the beginning and ended up as Premier League champion. Manchester City started with relatively poor performance in this season. They are on second position at the moment and have scored 1 point in 8 matches so far.

It is very early but, we have to consider Liverpool for title favorite in this season. There is possibility that Arsenal and Man. City will give hard time to each other while Liverpool will lose points. What we have seen so far, Liverpool is more competent and focused team. They are playing way better than Manchester City this year. The Premier League season has really long and hard-hitting journey and it would be really challenging for Liverpool to win all 38 games. Liverpool’s performance can’t be compare with Unconquerable Arsenal’s 2004 performance as 38 out of 38 wins. Liverpool will drop some points and eventually game will be more tighten. This means that the more important matches will be between Liverpool and Man. City as two big head-to-heads or game changing matches. Man. City needs to take six points of two matches to make this game more constricted and it can even flip in its courtesy.

This is in Jurgen Klopp’s favor that he has same squad for last two seasons. It is conventional thinking that clubs should invest in transfer to bring positive and optimistic changes in teams. Klopp has changed this conventional thinking by Liverpool’s current season magnificent performance.

Pep Guardiola did same thing for Manchester City in last few years and it was working amazingly. Manchester City lost Vincent Kompany during summer and it is considered really small change. This small change is bringing real time difference between Liverpool and Manchester City standing in this premier league’s season. Guardiola came to Manchester City squad to win and he has been failed for last few matches.

There is another major factor is schedule of matches of both favorite title competing teams. Liverpool is having most chaotic schedule of all the time. Liverpool is going to participate in five battles including FIFA Club World Cup, Premier League, League Cup, FA Cup—and another, the Champions League.   

It is wise to sum up all the discussion with the conclusion that Title Favorite belongs to Liverpool at the moment. They have proved in first eight matches that they deserved this title. There is possibility of getting another team on top in coming days and Premier League will be giving out more surprised matches.

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Sean Taylor

Garber Sports Chief Editor

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