Lonzo Ball: Bust or Ballin’

Lonzo Ball: Bust or Ballin’

Is Lonzo Ball a bust?

At the start of his first NBA season, Lonzo Ball has not looked like a star. Ball is shooting 29.5 percent from the field, looking lost on offense and defense. There is no way he can live up to the expectations everyone has of him, and some belive he won’t be able to recover. Still, it is very early in his career. There is plenty of time for him to get comfortable, and become a star. Is Ball already a bust? 🏀

LaVar Ball’s mouth has gotten the best of him. Lonzo Ball has been struggling with the Lakers, and the high expectations are getting to the rookie. He has the second-worst field goal percentage ever over any player’s first 11 games in the shot clock era (with a minimum of 100 shot attempts). LaVar will only double down on his son, increasing the pressure even more. Lonzo also admitted that his shooting struggles are in his head.

His early-season struggles might not be a sign of things to come, but it’s about expectations 🌎
People expect every top-5 pick to be LeBron James and Kevin Durant right out of the gate. Truth is, it takes time for rookies to develop and adjust to the NBA. Not every player is blessed with James’ body or Durant’s scoring skill set. Ball has the pressure of being a No. 2 pick, but he is still a rookie learning the ropes. Once he does though, look out. Ball has unreal court vision, and can see plays developing seconds before it happens.

Once he gets his shot down, he will be unstoppable. Just give him some time.

Jason Kidd first 10 games:
9.7 Points
6.6 assists
6.4 rebounds
36% Shooting

Lonzo Ball first 10 games:
8.8 points
6.9 assists
6.4 rebounds
29% shooting

Be patient with that man.

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