Gianni Infantino: Transfer window needs to be more transparent

Gianni Infantino: Transfer window needs to be more transparent

FIFA president Gianni Infantino planning for “more transparent” transfer system “by next year”


FIFA president Gianni Infantino has revealed world football’s governing body hope to bring in new rules around the transfer system “by next year.”

The recent window threw the transfer system under the microscope after Leicester City saw their proposed purchase of Adrien Silva blocked by FIFA, who claimed the paperwork was filed 14 seconds too late.

Plenty of criticism has since been directed at the current system and Infantino hopes to make the process more transparent next time round.

“We need to have some regulations which are more transparent, more clear,” Infantino said.

“If you’re a club, you want to transfer a player, you have the money, you can do it. You don’t have the money, you don’t do it.

“We need to be clear because otherwise we live above our means and for this reason, we are now opening this debate. I hope that by next year we will be able to present a new set of rules which will put a bit more order and credibility in the transfer system.”

The world football governing body chief also added he wants FIFA to focus on regulations around players’ agents, insisting they need to manage them to preserve the image of football.

Infantino added: “We have to do it, we have to find a way. We have to find a regulation which is transparent, which is clear. I mean anyone who does a job has the right to earn money. That’s perfect, that’s perfectly right.

“But it has to be done in a regulated environment and we need to do that because it’s about the image of football and we want to give the right image.”

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