The Worst Cars To Ever Enter a Race

The Worst Cars To Ever Enter a Race
Joshua Mason

Motor racing is glamorous and high octane fun. All of this comes with a heavy recceipt however and it should therefore wheedle out any unprepared and un-financed teams. There are some dreamers out there though who think they can change a century old past time with new ideas and new cars.

Jaguar and Lotus have been laughed out of the Formula 1 paddocks after never producing the upsets the fans and betting experts wantd to see. Hummer made failed attempts to fit their beast of a car on the Dakar Rally too, but these aren’t even the worst examples. Let’s take a look at some of the worst excuses for racing cars ever made and the humiliating results that came because of it.

Red Bull Nascar

Brandon Wade/Getty Images Sport

In 2006 Red Bull planted their flag down as a NASCAR team. The team has been a settled name in racing thanks to their F1 success, but across the pond they did not find it as easy going. They started in 2006 by buying another teams cars and parts with little time before the season starts. They hired Brian Vickers as their first driver and rushed to get ready. The cars they managed to get on the track failed to qualify for the first three races! In the five resulting years they won a total of 2 races and 0 championships. They eventually threw in the towel and sol their cars to BK Racing in 2011.


The CTA- Arsenal was a french racing car orgasnised by the french government and the aeronatical maufacturers Arsenal in the 1930’s. With all those brains behind it there should have been no way for it to fail. It’s first race was the French Grand Prix in Lyon 1947. The event was actually delayed by weeks specifically to allow the car to compete, but it broke a transmission line on the starting grid, completing no laps. It then arrived at the same even next year with two cars to double its chance of racing, but pulled out the last minute.

Money, hype and a nations backing was not enough to get the car over the start line.

Happy Weekend

The Nurburgring 24hr race is not exactly spectator friendly, but that didn’t stop Happy Weekend TV from sponsoring a car team in 2009. The company promoted an ‘active sex life’ shall we say and to make sure they got noticed plastered their car with naked models and suggestive poses. It was of course controversial and the pictures went around the world. The car not only dragged the sport through a PR nightmare, but also came in the bottom three. Maybe the sticker’s weight cost them.

Porsche Indy

Sean Gallup/Getty Images NewsPorsche made an attempt to join in with open wheel racing in the Indy 500. Thinking they could bring a certain European class to the whole event they made their car’s chassis out of carbon fibre. Governing body CART did not like it and immedietly banned the use of this before the car was even able to get going. The resultant rush to get a car proved too much for the German team. The car was a major dissapointment and embarresment for European car manufaturing


Eurobrun F1

Pascal Rondeau/Getty Images Sport

Easily the worst car to ever race wasthe Eurobrun F1 in 1989. A year earlier the team had some success finishing 11th in the Hungarian Grand Prix, making the grid numerous times. Some of their team had experience with Alfa Romeo racing and the future was bright.

When part of the team left the team in 1988 and he team’s budget was heavily cut they were in trouble. These constraints meant the team could only get one car ready for the 1989 season. It’s biggest success of the season came when it failed to qualify for the Brazilian Grand Prix. You read that right! Because for the rest of the season the team did not even pre-qualify. It is the only ever car in an F1 season to never actually qualify for a single race. Ouch.

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