BREAKING NEWS: FIFA Official Eugenio Figueredo faces extradition to US

Eugenio Figueredo is also accused of fraudulently obtaining US citizenship
BREAKING NEWS: FIFA Official Eugenio Figueredo faces extradition to US

Switzerland says it has approved the extradition of a Uruguayan football official accused of taking bribes.
Eugenio Figueredo was one of seven officials with Fifa, world football’s governing body, who were arrested in Zurich on 27 May.
He is accused of receiving bribes worth millions of dollars relating to Copa America tournaments, Switzerland’s Federal Office of Justice said.
He has 30 days to appeal against his extradition to the US.
Mr Figueredo is a former vice-president of the South American Football Confederation (Conmebol) and was a vice-president of Fifa.

The Swiss statement said he is accused of:
Taking bribes from a Uruguayan sports marketing company over the sale of marketing rights to the Copa America tournaments in 2015, 2016, 2019 and 2023
Gaining US citizenship “fraudulently by submitting forged medical reports in 2005 and 2006”
Mr Figueredo had earlier contested attempts to extradite him.

What’s in the Fifa indictment?

Fans of Chile react while watching a broadcast of the Copa America semi-final soccer match between Chile and Peru at the Fan Fest in Santiago, Chile June 29, 2015. (Image copyright: Reuters)

Part of the charge relates to marketing rights to the 2015 Copa America, won by Chile
So far, only one arrested official – former Fifa Vice-President Jeffrey Webb, from the Cayman Islands – has agreed to be moved from Switzerland.
At a hearing in June, Mr Webb pleaded not guilty to accepting bribes worth millions of dollars in connection with the sale of marketing rights.
He was placed under house arrest on $10m (£6.4m) bail by a New York judge.

Eugenio Figueredo was born in Uruguay in 1932.
He played for the Uruguayan club Huracan Buceo and served as its president between 1971 and 1972.
In 1997 he was named president of the Uruguayan Football Association.

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