Dion Waiters pays homage to Kobe

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Dion Waiters pays homage to Kobe

NBA 2K ratings are very serious business. Last year, following a triple-double against the Chicago Bulls on ESPN, Heat center Hassan Whiteside made a public plea to boost his 2K rating. There’s a large group of players who care about this stuff. As we inch closer to the NBA season and the release of NBA 2K16, more and more player ratings have become public. At the same time, Kobe Bryant will have his lowest rating ever on the video game at 85 (that’s probably still a little high for someone who had a 47 true shooting percentage last season and is firmly entrenched in the twilight of his career).

TMZ Sports ran into Dion Waiters in Los Angeles recently and, once again, proved that it’s never a bad idea to ask the Thunder guard a random question.

Strolling around with a popsicle in one hand and ice cream in the other because, well, he’s Dion Waiters, the reporter asks him whether he plays NBA 2K. Waiters confirms, leading the questioner to ask for his thoughts on Kobe Bryant’s 85 rating, the lowest of the future Hall of Famer’s career.

“85?!?” a confused Waiters stops in his tracks, shooting a shocked look at the camera. “You gotta ask the Mamba about that.”

Waiters is then asked what he thinks his 2K rating should be. Surprisingly, he doesn’t say 100. “I ain’t sure.” And when pressed on whether he should be ranked higher than Bryant, Waiters retorts “Hell no. That’s the Bean, man.”

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